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U2Media media presentation training

If you understand journalists and what they need to produce a good story, you won't see them as the enemy.

Abi Daruvalla

Media/presentation training

U2Media’s media/presentation training is designed for directors, managers and communication professionals working for companies, public bodies and NGOs that operate internationally. How do you get your story across to different target groups? How do you communicate clearly and appropriately in a crisis situation?

Formulating and delivering key messages, storytelling, (online) press conferences, presentations, (online) media interviews and delivering an elevator pitch. The focus is up to you.

Practice makes perfect

The training is tailor-made to your needs and can be delivered face-to-face or online. Practice makes perfect so our training combines theory with a lot of practice and feedback.

I believe training should be relevant, interactive and, above all, effective. That means not only sharing knowledge and skills, but motivating people to develop and improve their communication skills on all levels.